Gas Fire Pit Tables and Bars: Natural Gas or Propane

Our Gas Fire Pit Tables and Bars offer a warm, cozy, inviting gathering place for family and friends on those cool spring, summer or fall nights or those warm balmy winter days!  Everybody loves to watch those bouncing flames and sparkling glass, sitting around enjoying great conversation, beverages and snacks.

Create family memories, new traditions, relax and de-stress, a functional piece of art!

Quality, Durability and Long Lasting Concrete Gas Fire Tables and Bars

Artistic concrete creations are designed and built by hand using concrete that is “Glass Fiber Reinforced.” Three types of glass fibers, fiber glass mesh and ladder wire are used, followed by 4 coats of sealer.  Additives are added for cold weather environments to extend the life of concrete.  Production can take up to 3 – 6 weeks to produce by hand.  Extremely strong, durable, allowing us to be more creative.  We stamp, carve, or sculpt concrete to emulate the look of different wood grains, bark, slate, rock or hand finished designs.

Concrete fire tables and concrete bars are available with or without benches or several styles of chairs at extra cost unless where noted on picture.   See Color Page for more color options.

Concerned about weight?

We use a light weight mix in our concrete to reduce the weight by 25 to 30%.


48″ Chat Fire Table with 3 Benches.  Over looking this beautiful yard.

$ 2830.00

Custom designed Wine Barrel Fire Table.

Concrete top with real wood barrel.


Whiskey or Wine Barrels can be used for fire tables and cocktail tables of various sizes.

updatedfiretable-2016-1  Custom Designed Concrete L Shape Coffee Fire Table with dual propane burners, stamped and stained to emulate the look of wood.  The glass surrounds offers safety, enhance the flames and radiates the heat.

We built dual 8′ matching concrete benches to surround this beautiful fire table.

Great for entertaining large family areas, restaurants or resorts, creating  a fun party area.

Patio Fire Table

Concrete Patio Fire Table   $1595.00

Top 38″ Wide, Base 24″ high
Approximate weight 220 pounds

(color shown on Patio size: Desert Sand,  base is Sandstone Finish )


Concrete Chat Fire Table
$ 1795.00

Top 48″ wide
Base 28″ high
Approx. weight 400 pounds

(color shown: Blue Stone)

Benches sold separately starting at $ 345.00 each.  3 Benches fit comfortably around Chat.

updatedfiretable2015 Concrete Dining Fire Table                         $ 1995.00

Top 54″ wide
Base 30″ high by 20″ wide
Approx. weight 450 pounds

(color shown: Sienna)

Please note: Benches are sold separately starting  at $345 each. 4 Benches fit comfortably around Dining. 

Set as seen $ 3375.00

 We have family get-togethers A LOT! We absolutely, LOVE, ENJOY, and couldn’t do without our fire table, which is most definitely one of a kind!! Our family finds it to be the BEST gathering spot after some fun in the sun! Our friends find it to be unique and have never seen anything like it!! The artistic work done on it makes it the beautiful table that it is. You couldn’t ask for better people to work with than Tony and Brenda. When there are shows that we know they will be at, we just have to stop in to see them. 🙂 AWESOME people!C.Borgen Bismarck, North Dakota

Concrete High Top Bistro Fire Table            $ 2395.00

Top can be up to 54″ wide x  39″ High
Includes access door to reach propane

(Color shown: Tuscan)

Empire Bistro Stools  $374.00 each

Iron Tube Stools:  $ 189.00  no arms each                                         $ 199.00 with arms

Backless Tube Stools  $ 169.00 each

Add shipping and tax

Dining Table/Chairs  Concrete Boulder Design Dining Fire Table is hand carved concrete to emulate the look of rock and then each rock is hand painted in different colors.  Many colors available.

Table as seen  

54″ Dining Table w/4 benches:  $ 3495.00

Bark Base  Concrete Bark Base Dining Fire Table

Is hand stamped to emulate the look of bark from trees and then hand colored.  We can also stamp with the look of old wood in light or heavy wood grain patterns, many colors available.

Table as seen  

54″ Dining Table w/4 benches:   $3495.00

openairdesignfiretable Concrete Fire Table Bar

Offers so much more entertainment space for a large family or even for resorts and restaurants.

Different size burners available so we can create a long lasting durable custom fire bar!

Many colors, sizes and shapes available.

classyfiretable2016 Concrete Fire Table Bar

6′ long with 12″ x 42″ burner, puts out 90,000 BTU’S   Recommend Natural Gas for this size bowl.

Glass surround offers safety, enhances the flames and radiates heat, available for most burner sizes.

Small or large spaces we can build a custom size to fit your needs.

 Fire-Bar-&-Grill-#1rev  Custom Built Fire Bar with Grill and storage area.  Propane tank is hidden in base pedestal.  Other rectangular burners available for different size bars and kitchens.

Enjoy this beautiful fire bar and those warm balmy days in the winter, not only functional art but year round enjoyment.

firetable_flame Custom Concrete Coffee Fire Table is 10′ long with dual 12″ x 42″ burners for natural gas.
firetable-2-2016  Elegant addition for entertaining by the pool, near the hot tub and by the BBQ.  Provides a lot of entertainment space for the family and friends.
firetable-3-2016  Matching the colors to the furniture creates a one of a kind unique fire table.
bistro Concrete Bistro Fire Table

With 12″ fire burner offers 20,000 BTU’s.  This takes a smaller space into a workable entertainment area, the concrete top is 38″ wide and still offers plenty of space for drinks and food.

Concrete Bistro Fire Table seen:  $1995  Chairs extra.

Whether a small or large space we can design a custom concrete fire table or bar for you to create your own memories.




gasfirepit-aramel Custom Concrete Chat Fire Table 

The base is 22″ high to accommodate lower chairs.  Caramel Color.  Top 48″. Base 22″



   Pedestal Fire Table with 12″ Burner. Concrete is stamped in our “Pre-Civil War Wood” pattern and then colored to bring out the details of the wood, very unique markings and grains through out wood.
   Enjoying the evening over looking the lake, cozy and warm at the Concrete Fire Table.
 Rectangle Coffee Fire Table with 36″ burner.  Top is done in Northern Lights color.  Base is stamped using our pre-civil war wood design.  So much character in the wood grain.

*Please note, prices are subject to change without notice.

sandstonebaseSandstone base – showing where controls are located

Gas Fire Pit Table Tops: Are concrete and hand built by us, not finished on a machine or in a factory, therefore; no two pieces are identical. We hand stain all tops to emulate the look of a natural stone, therefore; imperfections in the process of hand building and staining will create a “one of a kind work of art” and should be accepted for the character and uniqueness of each piece.

Colors will vary by shades on actual color ordered. Each table is hand stained using 2 to 6 colors. How these stains mix together, along with the “Artist” interpretation, give each table a unique distinguished look. These concrete pieces can take 2 -3 days to produce.  See “Color Page” for more selections.

Standard Bases: Are stamped in Sandstone finish. Stamped Bark, Rough Sawn Cedar,  Pre-Civil War Wood, Heavy Textured, Geodes, and Rock finishes are available at addition cost, call for quote.

Delivery, installation or shipping is available and must be quoted.

Beautiful Flames!

Don’t see what you want call us to design a gas fire pit table, fire bar or kitchen to fit your outdoor living space! Round, square or rectangle shapes can be designed at different heights and sizes.

Benches sold separately. 41” curved benches to accommodate the Fire Pit Tables starting at $345 each. Bench leg bases also available in Stamped Bark, Wood Grains or Boulder Style at additional cost. Larger sizes available. Dining and Bistro chairs also available.

Standard Gas Fit Pit Tables includes: 20” round stainless steel bowl (UL Listed Crystal Fire  60,000 BTU) and concrete cover with 10 lbs. clear glass pebbles, battery operated igniter, on/off and flame control key system with hoses. You must supply your own propane gas tanks or natural gas hook ups.

         Optional Upgrades Available:

Rectangle Burners: 12” x 24”   12” x 42”     24” x 24”   12” x 64”   12” x 120”   12” x 42” L-Shape.  Range from 60,000 to 110,000 BTU’s

Round Burners:   12″   20,000 BTU        20″    60,000  BTU           30″   110,000 BTU

Burners can be ordered and custom tables, bars and kitchens can be built around the burner design.  Some burners are also available in Pewter, Shimmering Red, Copper, Black, Honey Glow Brown.

Special Tempered Fire Pit Glass in several colors and sizes are also available.  Lava Rock and Log Set offer another unique look.

Glass Wind Guards, tempered glass; not only add a layer of protection between the flame, wind, little hands and debris, but also looks beautiful with the reflection of the dancing flame.

Ice Bowl with drain plug available for the 20″ round burner size.  When it’s to hot to burn keep your refreshments and food cold!

Prices are subject to change without notice.