A customized concrete planter can highlight your landscaping or can hide distractions. Our custom concrete planters are the perfect way to brighten up a drab area of your landscaping.

Custom designs, colors and styles are available.  We put drainage holes in bottom of planter, please see directions for planters and care on our “Concrete Product Care” page for statuary.  Additives and fiber mesh are added to the concrete for cold winters, some care should be taken and planters should be resealed every few years.

Custom or in stock pedestals can be added for height to any planter, mix and match styles and shapes!  Concrete planters are available in Natural, Stained or Colored Concrete.

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2 Tier Planter Ruins style gives an old Grecian look and we have several pieces that can be intermixed to create fountains, planters and pedestals.

Concrete Ruins Two Tier Planter 

$ 364.00    ( 32″ high, 31″ wide)

Concrete Boulder Planter

Rock were sculpted out of concrete, hand carved and colored, then we made a mold from the original so we can recast them. Rocks can be custom colored upon request.

Approximately 3′ long

$ 175.00


Arcadia Planter
Arcadia Planter
 Arcadia Planter is a timeless favorite!

Concrete Arcadia Planter

$ 89.00     ( 16.5″ high)

Contemporary-Ruins-Planter-1.jpg Contemporary Ruins Planter System was custom designed with 2 addition square risers for more height.  Approximately 39″ high.

Concrete Contemporary Ruins Planter System

$ 395.00

See customer’s photo below.

Contemporary Ruins Planter Concrete Contemporary Ruins Planter System accented the front of the house on each side of the garage entrance doors.  Plants are changed with the seasons.

Lg Ruins 3 Ball Planter

Concrete Large Ruins Bowl with the 3 Ball Pedestal Planter

$ 264.00     ( 17″ high, 27″ wide )

This can be turned into a fountain, see Fountain Page.

Ruins Square Planter Concrete Ruins Square Box Planter

$ 234.00    ( 12″ high, 23″ wide)

Adding the matching top can turn this into a fountain, see Fountain Page.

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