Concrete Statues

Concrete statuary or lawn ornaments are a great addition to your landscaping!

Your garden art can provide a focal point in your garden. Use a classic piece of concrete statuary or something unique to provide a highlight.

All concrete statues can be custom painted or stained or left in natural concrete. Concrete statuary is designed with additives in them for extreme cold weather and then sealed for the outdoors.  We ship in the United States.  Prices subject to change without notice.

Click on photo to see larger image.

St. Francis
 St Francis the Saint of Animals

Concrete St Francis is 40″ High, approx. 170 pounds

$ 235.00

Concrete Baby Bo sitting on a mushroom is 16″ High.     $ 45.00
Mermaid-1  Swim with the Mermaids but be careful if they sing to you!

Concrete Mermaid on a rock hold a fish.

15″ High   $49.00 ( colored price)

farifywithball  Our beautiful Fairy holding a concrete gazing ball.   Rainbow color.

Concrete Fairy with Ball



fairy4  Our Kneeling Praying Angel, her legs are behind her.  Rainbow color.  13″ High

Concrete Kneeling Angel



babyonvase2016  Our Baby on Vase is quietly sleeping very peaceful!  A very stately piece.

Concrete Baby on Vase

21″ High   Approx. 80 pounds




Peaceful sleepy Concrete Baby Angel in a Basket.  The baby’s blanket can be colored in pink or blue or left in antique or naturangel6al.  Colored flowers and grass add another dimension.

13″ High by 12″ Wide  approx. 72 pounds

$ 69.00

ivyleaf  Our Ivy Leaf Angel can be found praying in your garden, quietly.

Concrete Ivy Leaf Angel

13″ High    $ 44.00

Welcome Fairy
Welcome Fairy
 Fairy on Stone is sitting lovely and quietly on a stone.  14″ High  Rainbow color.

Fairy on Stone

$ 55.00

Garden Fairy
Watch the Garden Fairies flying around your gardens and sitting enjoying the sun!

Garden Fairy

13″ High  Rainbow Color

$ 55.00

angel3-2fairy3-1  Our new Standing Angel would be a stately focal point in your garden, standing peacefully.

Standing Angel

32″ High  approx 125 to 135 pounds

$ 165.00

Place your order now as mold will be ready for spring deliveries.

Courtship Kids
 This little boy and girl make a cute Courtship Kids to any garden, adored by one another and accented with flowers and a handkerchief in his pocket.

Concrete Courtship Kids

21″ High    $ 59.00

 bashful-betty-001  Bashful Betty is a shy and quiet little girls.

Concrete Bashful Betty

21″ High

$ 59.00

 skpperboy  Skipper is trying so hard to get a drink of water.

Concrete Skipper Boy

16″ High

$79.00  (he can be turned into a fountain by adding a bowl under him.  See Fountains.