Animals: Concrete Statuary

Concrete statuary or lawn ornaments are a great addition to your landscaping!

Add some interest or a focal point to your landscaping with a unique concrete animal statue. These colorful animals come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and there is the perfect piece for any area of your yard.  Your garden statue can be custom colored.

Prices listed are for painted or stained statues.  Concrete statues available in natural concrete.  Prices subject to change without notice.  Call for current quote or for any questions – call today!  218-963-1313

All concrete statues can be custom painted or stained.  All concrete statues are designed with additives in them for extreme cold weather and then sealed for outdoor protection.  We ship in the United States.

Click on the photos to see larger image.

Add an American Eagle with a fish in his claws sitting at the edge of the shore on some driftwood.

Our eagle is 21″ high by 17″ wide and weighs approximately 95 pounds. Sits flat or we can add re-bar on bottom if you want to attach him to something.  Or we offer various sizes of concrete pedestal logs, hollow, any height.

Concrete Eagle with Fish: $ 139.00   Concrete Pedestal Log: $154.00 (2′ x 12″)

sculpture art bear Be careful here comes a Bear around the corner!

Our Bear can be colored in: white, brown or black.  2′ Long by 17″ High, approximately 150 pounds.

Concrete Bear:  $ 159.00

Howling Wolf
Listen to the Howling Wolf in the moonlight!

Wolf is 37″ High by 20″ Wide, approximately 175 pounds.  Can be colored from a picture.

Concrete Wolf:  $ 225.00

Bubbles Gazing Ball
Gazing Ball
Bubbles the Elephant can spit water out his mouth, hold a peanut shell on his head for a bird bath or hold a “Gazing Ball”.

See Bird Bath page for Peanut Shell.

25″ High, weighs approximately 85 pounds

Concrete Bubbles the Elephant: $120.00  Gazing Balls sold separately, may not be available.

Moose 40h x 3' L  Be careful you will find a moose in the north woods as you go down that path!

Moose is 40″ Tall by 3′ Long, approximately 325 pounds, with metal horns.

Concrete Moose: $ 385.00

 Hiding in the long grass around the corner is a Pheasant peeking out at you!

Our Pheasant is 21″ High, is life size.

Concrete Pheasant:  $ 74.00

 Watch out those squirrels like those acorns!

Our Big Tail Squirrel is 11″ High, life size.


Concrete Squirrel:  $  42.00

Racoon  Our Raccoons don’t cause messes, they just love eating their pear!

Our Raccoon with pear is 14″ High.

Concrete Raccoon with Pear:  $ 42.00

Eagle on Stump
Eagle on Stump
 Watch the Eagle Landing on its nest!

Our Eagle is 19″ High, available with our without a stump.  Can request re-bar on bottom to attach to your own stump.

Concrete Eagle Landing:  $ 74.00

Concrete Log Pedestal:  $ 154.00    (12″ x 24″)

Turtle on rocks  Watch out for the Turtle on the Rock near the pond!

Our Turtle on the Rocks 12″ High by 18″ Long, life like.

Concrete Turtle on the Rocks:  $  65.00





 Butterflies love to land in your flowers!

Our Butterfly on Flower is 13″ High, can be colored in a variety of colors to match and coordinate with your landscaping.

Concrete Butterfly on Flower:   $ 42.00

Front View.

See his face peeking out at you around the that flower!

Back View.

stgeorge2016  Our turtles love to sit around a pond, passing the day away!

St George Turtle is 6″ High by 11″ Long, life like.  Available in brown, green and copper (the most popular.)

Concrete St George Turtle:  $  44.00

 peacock2016  Peacocks just love wondering around your gardens in their colorful beauty and grace as they glide thru the landscape!

Our Peacock is 21″ High by 40″ Long, 165 pounds, life like.  Very colorful.

Concrete Large Peacock:  $  189.00

 peacock  Concrete Small Peacock:  $  115.00

22″ High by 30″ Long

Taking orders now for new peacock.

loon  Listen to the Loons calling out!

Our Loon is 9″ High by 18″ Long, life like.

Concrete Loon:  $  59.00


sittingelephonent206  Let our Elephants bring you luck with their trunk up!

Our Sitting Elephant is 16″ High.

Concrete Sitting Elephant”  $  59.00

lizard  Watch out for the Iguana running around in your landscaping!

Our Iguana on Stone is 11.5″ High

Concrete Iguana on Stone:  $55.00

Raccoon  Look for the Raccoon peeking out of the old tree stump as you turn the corner!

Raccoon Stump has a hollow hole to fit over water well or septic pipes or just looks cute in the garden.  20″ High, 190 pounds

Concrete Raccoon Stump:  $ 169.00

dragon2 Watch out for this large Serpent Dragon as it  maybe lurking around the lake and sneaking up the shore!

Our Serpent Dragon is 3 separate pieces and can be custom colored or natural.


Concrete Serpent Dragon:  $  645.00


alligator Look out for the alligators swimming near your pool or on the shore line!

Our Alligator can be painted in brown or green.  33″ Long.  He can spit water out his mouth into the pool or pond, extra cost.

Concrete Alligator:  $  95.00

 Lions  Our stately concrete Lions can guard your entrance, Left and Right Paw Up.  30″ High

Each Lion is $ 195.00 each Lion

Place your order now for spring delivery, mold is being made soon.

 animalgargoyle  The myth about Gargoyle’s is they keep the evil spirits away from your home!

Concrete Medium Gargoyle is 19″ High.    $ 65.00

 rabbits Our Rabbits don’t eat your plants up!

Concrete Hairy Mama Rabbit

11″ Long by 6.5″ High      $ 35.00

 squirrelgarden  Concrete Our Tiny Treasure Squirrel

$ 35.00

 pelican-on-piers-001 Watch out the Pelican are just waiting for the fish to swim by.

Concrete Double Pelicans on Pier

19.5 ” High

$ 65.00

 giantrog2016 Concrete Giant Frog

12″ High and a hefty friendly frog.

$ 65.00

 frog-on-log Our little frog is hiding and just waiting for you.

Conrete Frog on a Log

6″ High by 8.5″ Long

$ 24.00

 ball-frog-002  Our Ball Frog can be a garden accent or spit water out of his mouth.  Shown here as a water spitter.

Concrete Ball Frog

8″ High

$ 44.00 Plain   or    Water Spitter $ 59.00

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