Nothing adds a focal point more than running water and the sound creates a relaxing area to meditate!  Fountains are a great way to add a sense of style to your landscape. We can design fountains in a variety of shapes and colors. There is a fountain that will fit in to any yard, large or small.

We put plugs in the bowl for easy cleaning and to winterize in the fall.  Additives and fiber mesh are added for strength and cold weather.  See Concrete Product Care page for more information.

Concrete fountain bowls, pedestals and water spitters can be interchanged to create a new look.  Available in Natural, Stained or Colored Concrete.

Click on the photos to see a larger image.

 Kids-Fountain The concrete fountain will remind you of your children or grand children when they were young.

Concrete Courtship Kids Fountain

Shown with 3 ball pedestal, also available is square or round pedestal.  Water comes out near shoes.

$ 395.00     (33″ high, 31″ wide)

Add elegance to your garden or landscaping with the beautiful Double Swan Fountain.

Concrete Double Swan Fountain

$ 695.00    ( 40″ high, 41″ wide )

4-Sided-FTN-Color---Iron-Ore Beautiful sound comes out of this concrete fountain, more height can be added.

4 Sided Ruins Concrete Fountain

$ 395.00    ( 38″ high, 31″ wide )

See picture below with additional risers.

foursidedfountain  Four Sided Ruins Fountain with a slate look.
 double-pelicans-on-peir-water-spitter Several Water Spitters can be added to a fountain or sit on a wall space.

Double Pelican Water Spitter

$ 85.00  water comes out center  19.5″ high

 northwind-man-water-spitter  Concrete North Wind Man Water Spitter

$ 59.00   Water spits out mouth, hangs on wall.

 toads-turtles-cattails-water-spitter Toads, Turtles and Cattails Water Spitter

$ 85.00   ( 19″ high, water comes out rocks)

Turtle on the Rocks Water Spitter

$ 85.00   ( 12″ high, 18″ long )  water comes out rock area


 mermaid-water-spitter  Concrete Mermaid with Fish Water Spitter

$ 69.00   ( 15″ high )

 sitting-elephant-water-spitter  Concrete Sitting Elephant Water Spitter

$ 79.00   ( 16″ high )

 ball-frog-water-spitter  Concrete Ball Frog Water Spitter

$ 59.00   (8″ high )

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