Concrete Statuary / Lawn Ornaments

You can transform your outdoor living space into a warm, inviting, relaxing and cozy area by adding a complimentary bench to sit and ponder about the day, have a conversation or read a book.  Placing a fountain nearby creates a soft and soothing background sound for relaxing or meditating.  Adding a statue or two as a focal point of interest can be formal or whimsical, whichever fits your sanctuary of relaxation.  

Create a theme through out your garden, provide stepping stones or a walking path that leads to hidden treasures, be creative and unique.  

Concrete statuary and benches can last for years as we put additives into the concrete and seal each piece for protection to withstand the hot or cold environments!  

Sculpture by Design offers a large collection of concrete statuary, including bird baths, fountains, animal figures, statues, angels, fairies, planters, benches, stepping stones and much more.  We are constantly developing new items.

Items can be custom designed for you.  So if you don’t see what you want, give us a call.

From the Statuary Menu click the Arrow Down for the different categories of statuary available.  For Benches go to Concrete Tables page, click Arrow Down and click on Concrete Benches.




How to take care of your garden statues see page Concrete Product Care: Statuary Care on menu.