Custom Projects

Custom Concrete Projects

Concrete boulder bench
Boulder Bench

Sculpture By Design can create a custom design with you, your builder, designer or architect. We can create your design from the ground up or off your blue prints. Using our “Vertical Artistry” materials and tools we can be very creative.

We make our boulders using sculpting concrete, shaping them in our hands and then using our tools to texture, shape and color them. This makes every boulder truly unique.

We can create the look of castle stone; flag stone, logs, bark and other images with our materials.  Almost all of our products can be customized to accommodate your needs. From concrete counter tops, tables, benches, fireplaces, fire tables to memorials, the options are endless.

Where your imagination is the only limitation….

Not your Grandpa’s concrete!

Contact us if you are looking for a specialized concrete design for your home or business. Call us at 218-963-1313 or click here to go to our contact page.

Making Custom Boulders
Making Custom Boulders, mixed concrete is rolled in my hands then throw the balls on to the base.
Custom Boulder Making
Custom Boulder Making, tools are used to shape and carve the balls into rocks.
Wishing Well 1
Wishing Well 1   PVC tubing and wire mesh are used to create the branches into shapes.
Wishing Well 2
Wishing Well 2   Concrete is forced into the wire mesh.


Wishing Well 3
Wishing Well 3   After the wire mesh is filled a thick concrete coat is rubbed on the branches and then stamped in a bark design and then colored.
Wishing Well 4
Wishing Well 4  The roof is concrete stamped to look like real wood shakes, the rocks are colored.  We added a hook to hold a plant or bucket.
Concrete Grotto for religious figure.
























   Check out this great custom table!
 custom wishing well


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