Concrete Benches: Indoor & Outdoor, Unique, Artistic, Durable

Our custom concrete benches come in a variety of styles and colors. There is a bench that will fit into any yard, garden, deck or patio and they are perfect for parks and commercial applications.

For indoor we have built custom concrete benches for inside a shower or steam areas to relax, meditate or assist in personal hygiene or help an elderly or disabled person.  Adding a custom concrete bench near an entry area can assist people with sitting down to put their shoes and boots on or lay their packages down while dressing for the outdoors.  In a kitchen you can add additional sitting space.  Many applications when you think about it!

woodbenchWood and Bark Leg Bench  43″     $ 375.00
Concrete bench is stamped to look like wood and legs are made to look like tree stumps! This is a great bench to use if you have a woodsy atmosphere or want to give the feeling of the great outdoors.  This is the ideal piece of outdoor furniture as it won’t blow away!


All Concrete Benches are available in various colors, sizes, many textures of wood, bark and stone patterns.  Available in straight or curved concrete benches and with or without concrete backs for resting against!

The following benches are examples, you decide what style, size and color.

outdoor bench Concrete Curved Bench 

5′ Bench       $ 440.00

Several of these benches create a rest stop on the walking trails in the Silver Springs Development, Surrey, North Dakota.

Color:  Sienna

Many colors available, several styles of bench legs.



Concrete boulder bench Concrete Boulder Bench

The top looks like a stone slab with the rock legs.   42″ Long    $ 385.00

What color would you like your rocks?

Sculpting concrete was used to carve the rocks, then cast in a mold for reproduction.

Ruins Bench Concrete Contemporary Ruins Bench

47″ long    $ 395.00

Select your colors.

Log Bench Concrete Curved Wood Grain Top with Bark Legs

42″ long   $ 375.00

You select the size, wood grain and colors!

Natural-Sq-Edge-r Concrete Contemporary Straight  Bench

42″ long   $ 345.00

Color:  Natural Concrete

Straight or Chisel Edge available.

Plant-Pedestal-w-Built-In-Benchr Concrete Pedestal with Built In Bench

Bench is 42″ Long and inserts into pedestal.

$ 795.00 each

Color: Dark Earth Tone

These make a fabulous statement to the entrance of the patio, garden, house or other areas!

Bunny-Bench-24-Inchesr Concrete Children’s Bunny Bench  

24″ long  $ 125.00

For children or decoration in your garden!

childrendsbench Concrete Children’s Bench

Stamped to emulate wood and bark legs.

36″ L x 14″ W x 12″ H.       $ 250.00

 concretebench1-2016concretebenchcloseu-216 L Shaped Concrete Wood Bench

This concrete bench was designed for our customer to fit around a L Shape Fire Table (see Gas Fire Tables Page)

These benches are 8′ long each and fit in a 90 degree angle.  They are stamped and stained to look like wood.

The base we created will allow us to make a concrete bench or chair of your size, it can be single straight bench or angled as seen.

Can be done in concrete contemporary style.

Our concrete benches are great for sitting down, relaxing, reflecting and conversation.  They can add a great focal point of interest in a garden area, add a water fountain or accessory table to compliment the space.

In the business environment concrete benches can add extra seating for the customers or a great place for the employees to relax and re-energize!

Trails, walk ways, entry ways, decks, patios, beach areas the possibilities are endless, with very little maintenance and withstand hot and cold environments!

Concerned on weight?  We can use a light weight mix in our concrete to reduce the weight by 25 to 30%.

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