Concrete Tables, unique, artistic, decorative, durable, long lasting for the outdoors or indoors.

Outdoor Concrete Tables:  Patios, Decks, Gardens, Picnic, Beach Areas

Indoor Concrete Tables:  Dining, Accessory or Side Tables, Conference Rooms

Tired of your patio tables blowing away in the winds and storms?  Tired of running after it and hauling it back?  We can custom design your Concrete Tables for indoors or outdoors.  With our specialized concrete materials and methods we can make many different styles of bases with a unique concrete table top for it.  Our bases can be made very light weight but yet strong, sturdy and it won’t blow away in the winds.  Are you looking for durable, long lasting and unique concrete tables?

All table styles and designs can be customized to fit your needs.  Any height, color, shape, all  are custom designed.

Don’t find what you want let us design it for you! We also offer a full line of “Ornamental Iron Bases & Chairs” made in U.S.A.  Other iron furniture and garden accessories also available, please call for information.


There’s nothing better than sitting outside and enjoy an evening with friends or family!

Highlight your patio, courtyard, deck or yard with a unique and durable concrete table.  We make concrete outdoor chairs, benches and other concrete accessories that are great for entertaining or just relaxing.  See Accessories: Indoor & Outdoor Page for more ideas.

Noble Inn,  Minot, North Dakota

The gathering place in a hotel courtyard can make you feel like your home away from home.  A quite place to ponder the day, enjoy a refreshment or meet new friends!  Since 2012, we have built nine concrete dining tables and bistro standing tables, as well as concrete counter top for the outdoor kitchen area.


Close up of our “Concrete Open Air Design Base”, concrete legs and iron pipe!  Durable, long lasting concrete tables for indoor or outdoor use.  Base is easy to move but heavy enough it won’t blow away!  In most cases our concrete bases weigh no more then unique decorative wood furniture.




nobleinn2“Concrete Table Base” can be designed for a Concrete Patio or Accessory Table in a height of 21″.

Available in 28″ height for a Concrete Dining Table.

Available in 39″ height for a Concrete Bistro Table or Bar.

Iron pipe is cut to fit table length or diameter.

Concrete Table Tops can be round, square or rectangular in shape, usually 1-1/2″ or 2″ thick.   Umbrella holes can be added.

Please note: Prices are subject to change without notice.

Note: Prices shown are for items picked up at our location and do not included any shipping, delivery or tax, where applicable.

 *****   Click on small images to see larger photo.

Is weight a concern? 

We have a light weight concrete mix to reduce weight by 25 to 30%.


Cylinder-Tablerev Concrete Bistro Table with Cylinder 38″ High x 38″ Concrete Top   $ 785.00
Patio-Table-38R-Top18Hr  Sculpted Concrete Boulder Patio or Accessory Table

26″ High x  38″ Round Top      $ 970.00

We use a sculpting concrete to create many unique designs and then hand color each sculpted concrete rock.

 Concrete Stamped Bark Base with Crystal Geodes Concrete Top Cocktail Table

38″ High x 38″ Round Concrete Top               $ 930.00

** This is a Geodes Mineral Concrete Table Top.  Geode molds are placed in when pouring concrete, then each geode is colored and accented with real crystal flakes, then we add epoxy in cavity to create a 3D look and seal the table.  Indoor use only.

We create many of our own rubber stamps to create the look of stone, bark and many wood patterns.

squareconcrete1rev Square Concrete Dining Table with Open Air Design Concrete Base with Concrete Table Top

Create a unique, long lasting, durable concrete table for your family gathering area, available in custom sizes.  Indoor or outdoor.

endtable  Need a matching Concrete Accessory Table for your deck, patio, garden space for more entertainment area for the family.  Maybe you need an accessory table for living room, sun room, bathroom or bedroom!

Concrete Accessory Table with Concrete and Iron Pipe Legs

24″ x  22″ x 23″H     $ 470.00

swivelchairs  Add quality made “Swivel Chairs” to go with your custom, durable Concrete Bistro Table.

Chairs $374.00  each

Two styles of “Ornamental Iron Chairs” are also available in many size heights, call for details.

squaretablebenchesr  6′ Long x 38″ Wide Rectangle Dining Concrete Table with Concrete Pedestal Bases          $ 1700.00

6′ Long Concrete Benches with Concrete Bases         $ 515.00 each

Color:  Sienna

Family picnic areas at Silver Springs Development, Surrey, North Dakota

Bistro Table Over look your beautiful garden spaces and relax with a cold drink while enjoying your family and friends!

Concrete Bistro Table with Concrete and Iron  Pipe Legs

48″ Round Top x 41″ High       $ 985.00

Empire Bistro Stools  $374 each.

Bistro 38" Top  Concrete Bistro Table with Concrete and Iron Pipe Legs

38″ Round Top x 41″ High          $ 820.00

We can add a hole and stand for umbrellas to keep the hot sun so you can enjoy your gardens anytime of the day.

  Concrete Rectangular Dining Table with Concrete and Iron Pipe Legs    $850.00

30″ Wide x 48″ Long x 28″High

Need to add an umbrella for shade we can add a hole in table and add a built in metal mount system to table for $55.00

coffeetable1  Concrete Accessory Table with Concrete and Iron Pipe Legs

51″ x 26″ x 23″ H          $ 745.00

Our concrete tables can also be used indoor to accent your home decor and add a unique piece of art.  Concrete tables can emulate the look of wood or bark as well and weighs no different then most wood tables.

 acidstaineccoffeetable  Acid Stained Concrete Accessory Table

Acid staining offers a truly one of kind piece of art, never can be replicated.

 round concrete table  Concrete Bistro Table

38″ Chisel Edge Concrete Top  Color:  Blue Stone

39″ Concrete Open Air Base, we stamped the concrete in an old “Pre-Civil War Wood Design” and colored the wood grain.

As shown:  $ 915.00

 square concrete table  Concrete Coffee or Accessory Table with Open Air Concrete Base.

Color:  Caramel with Veining

As shown:  $ 635.00   (24″ by 42″)

 great table for the lake  Enjoy early morning coffee at the beach.  We did a custom concrete table top for the customer’s iron base.
 outside patio table 54″ Concrete Dining Table with Concrete Open Air Base.  Umbrella Table Mount System was added.


As shown:  $ 1195.00

Metal Umbrella Mount System:  $ 55.00



 unique and classy looking table  Add extra seating space with this concrete table.

42″ Concrete Bistro Table with Concrete Open Air Base

Ornamental Iron Chairs are available.

We put felt under all legs for protection and ease of moving around on the hardwood floors.