Concrete Counter Tops

Custom counter top

Unique, artistic, custom built decorative Concrete Counter Tops, Back Splashes, Sinks, Mirrors and matching Light Fixtures !

You don’t have to live with those old, outdated counter tops. Artistic concrete creations are designed and built by hand using concrete that is “Glass Fiber Reinforced.” Three types of glass fibers, mesh and ladder wire are used in most procedures, followed by 2-5 coats of sealer. Additives are added for cold weather environments to extend the life of concrete. Production can take 4 to 5 weeks to produce by hand.

Our concrete counter tops are extremely strong, durable, low maintenance, built to to last in Minnesota which means we can be more creative. We stamp, carve, or sculpt concrete to emulate the look of wood, bark, slate, rock or hand finished designs.

All concrete is hand built by us, not finished on a machine or in a factory; therefore, no two pieces are identical. We hand stain all tops to emulate the look of a natural stone, therefore; imperfections in the process of hand building and staining will create a “one of a kind work of art” and should be accepted for the character and uniqueness of each piece.

Concrete counter tops are a unique option because they are made from scratch for each client. To determine whether concrete is right for you, take the following into consideration:

  • You are looking for something that is unique and can be personalized

    Custom Counter Top
    Custom Counter Top
  • You want something that looks natural and has a lot of character
  • You value high-quality, hand crafted works of art
  • You need a color or visual texture that you can’t find in traditional countertop materials

If the above factors apply to you, than a custom concrete counter top is a great option!

Concrete counter tops are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, bars, tables.  They are ideal in both indoor and outdoor situations.

No matter if you have a home or a business, we can customize a counter top that will give you a whole new look. Contact us today to see how we can help renovate your space! Don’t wait.  Contact us today to find out how a custom concrete counter top can enhance your home or business.

” Concrete ” where your imagination is the only limitation….  

Not your Grandpa’s concrete!




This seasonal cabin on Horseshoe Lake update their counter tops with concrete, adding a lot of class and beautiful to this cozy cabin.





Concerned about weight? We have a lighter weight concrete mix that can reduce the weight by 25 to 30% less.  Ask us about using that mix.




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